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Obama begins Martha's Vineyard vacation

Obama begins Martha's Vineyard vacation
CHILMARK, Mass. — President Barack Obama on Saturday fled Washington for his familiar spot on Martha's Vineyard for a two-week summer vacation, which comes as the U.S. is engaged in airstrikes against Islamic militant targets in Iraq. Obama, along …
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Obama's Two-Week Martha's Vineyard Vacation Has a Pre-Planned Interruption
In what the Associated Press calls an “odd move,” the President will return to the White House for meetings halfway through his vacation. A supposed two-week trip is now two shorter trips so that he can attend some meetings with White House officials.
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10 Best End-of-Summer Vacation Destinations
NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The average employee working in the U.S. only uses 51% of their vacation time, according to a Glassdoor first quarter employee survey. Compound that with the fact that 61% of people who did take a vacation admitted to doing work …
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Obamas arrive on Martha's Vineyard today
He is scheduled to arrive on the wealthy island off the Massachusetts coast on Saturday and return to Washington a week later, on Sunday, Aug. 17. After the meetings, plans call for Obama to return to the Vineyard on Aug. 19 to resume the vacation …
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