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Newsflash: Presidents Still Work While On Vacation

Newsflash: Presidents Still Work While On Vacation
A crisis-weary president addresses the nation on the latest turmoil in the Middle East while on vacation away from the White House, as his staff assures reporters he will be able to monitor world affairs from the comfort of his oceanside home. No, it's …
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Want a raise? Try taking a vacation
According to internal research by audit firm EY (formerly Ernst & Young), employees who use more vacation days end up with better performance reviews. "In the U.S. and Canada … for each 10 vacation hours a person took, we found on average that …

How To Come Back From Vacation And Not Want To Die
I've just come back from a month in Portland OR, and let me tell you, leaving the 80 degree heat, clear blue skies, friendly smiles, delicious food, and big welcomes and coming home to the beautiful laughable English weather, crappy service, bad …
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Turkey's summer vacation rituals in focus at salt Beyoğlu

Turkey's summer vacation rituals in focus at salt Beyoğlu
The press release of the exhibition explains that 19th-century İstanbul was once a central hub for summer vacations, from the mansions of the Bosporus to the mansions on the islands, for members of the Ottoman court and ambassadors alike. “The Marmara …
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Michelle's column: A memorable vacation
Certainly, working at the State Fair or attending convention might not seem like a traditional vacation. But vacations are supposed to be fun, and spent with fun people, right? And you make some incredible memories and bring home lots of photos? In …
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The excitement of a good vacation
We look forward to the planning with anticipation, we execute the packing with the diligence of a military drill sergeant, and we can't sleep the night before – it's just all too exciting! The actual vacation – whether it is three days, one week or …
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Summer Vacation Is Officially Over. How To Ease Back Into Work

Summer Vacation Is Officially Over. How To Ease Back Into Work
“The worst thing to do coming back from vacation is walking into the office Monday morning with a slate of meetings and conference calls,” says McLeod. Blocking off time in your calendar to catch up on emails and reconnect with your job will help you …
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Ocean Springs mulls short term vacation rental ordinance
Ocean Springs is exploring allowing people to rent out their single family homes as short term vacation rentals. The city has drafted an ordinance permitting houses and condos in residential areas to be rented for fewer than 30 days with some stipulations.
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Five myths about presidential vacations
1. Presidents get vacations. “Presidents don't get vacations — they just get a change of scenery,” Nancy Reagan once said in defense of her husband's frequent trips to his ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif. In the nuclear age, presidents may have only …
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5 Ways to Make Sure You Can Afford Your Next Vacation
A vacation can be a great way to relax, reload, and spend time traveling or catching up on hobbies you enjoy and can't often partake in, such as reading. Vacations can get expensive, though, so planning ahead can help. There are many ways you can save …
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The Hamptons Named Among Top Fall Vacation Spots

The Hamptons Named Among Top Fall Vacation Spots
The Hamptons was recently named among the top five fall vacation spots according to, a vacation rental marketplace. The site ranked the Long Island hotspot as the second best destination to visit during the fall shoulder season, between …

How To Keep Your Creativity Flowing After Vacation Ends
I know many couples who turn short business trips into mini vacations, extending the trip by an extra day to play tourist. Your brain doesn't need to travel to have a vacation. Try a different restaurant for lunch or a space outside of the office for …
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Two Privacy Bills Move as Congress Returns From Vacation
After all its hard work this year Congress is almost done with its summer recess. Lawmakers are due back Sept. 8 and have much to tackle. Two bills are of paramount importance to EFF: one—the USA FREEDOM Act—must be passed by Congress, while the …
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Louisiana man drowns during Florida vacation

Louisiana man drowns during Florida vacation
NAVARRE BEACH — Officials say a 65-year-old Louisiana man drowned in the Gulf of Mexico on Labor Day. The Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office says Roderick M. Maybee of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was pulled unconscious from the water Monday afternoon off …
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What comedian Patton Oswalt did on his Twitter-free summer vacation
In her book “Alone Together,” professor Sherry Turkle writes of the world we've all created for ourselves on social media. “The ties we form through the Internet are not, in the end, the ties that bind,” she says. “But they are the ties that preoccupy …
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Back From Vacation … in Time for Fiesta
My vacation's over. Summer, for all practical purposes, is done. It's the day after Labor Day, so that means it's election season. (O.K., that notion is a quaint holdover from simpler times. As we all know, there have been some fairly vicious campaign …
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Hawaii tourism study finds more vacation rentals

Hawaii tourism study finds more vacation rentals
Joseph Toy, CEO of Hospitality Advisors, said vacation rental, bed-and-breakfast and time-share accommodations have been growing rapidly over the past 10 years. Many visitors have come to Hawaii repeatedly and find they don't want to stay in hotels as …
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Consumer Watch: Last chance for vacation
Brooke Ferencsik, a TripAdviser spokesperson, said, “Twenty percent said it's a guilt thing; they feel this need to check in on vacation. And then another one in five people said they really think their boss expects them to be checking in and working …
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Restaurant fails to reopen after 'vacation' closing
OXFORD — Residents and town officials are scratching their heads over the sudden closing of a local Italian restaurant. Rolando's, the restaurant and bar at 143 Oxford Road, was "closed for vacation," according to the letterboard sign out front a few …
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Drunken British Tourists Are Ruining Greek Vacation Spots

Drunken British Tourists Are Ruining Greek Vacation Spots
Laganas is a sun-kissed village on the Greek island of Zante. It's the kind of vacation destination where it takes ten minutes to get drunk, another ten to reach orgasm, and an eternity to get over all the horrible things you've done to both your body …
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Kim Kardashian Shares Bikini TBT Photos From Her Mexico Vacation
The reality star posted a handful of snapshots from her vacation last week in Punta Mita, Mexico. In the photos, Kardashian appears in a bright red bikini while paddleboarding on the ocean with a friend. Alas, the 33-year-old was not the best at the …
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Selena Gomez: So Happy After 'Peaceful' Trip With Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber, 20, and Selena Gomez's romantic vacation in Canada has come to an end, but fret not. According to the “Come & Get It” singer's Instagram profile, it appears as though she and Justin had such a great time together. In fact, the getaway …
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Ritzy R&R: Glitzy Vacation Spots Of The Rich And Famous

Ritzy R&R: Glitzy Vacation Spots Of The Rich And Famous
… the rich and famous. But where exactly can you spot stars like Leonard DiCaprio, Jay Z and Beyoncé sipping champagne and catching some rays at a plush resort or their holiday homes? takes you on an A-list vacation around the world.
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How climate change could ruin your Hawaii vacation
Climate change may just threaten your dream trip to Hawaii. A new report from the University of Hawaii says the state's tourism industry must start preparing for the effects of climate change. By Associated Press August 27, 2014. close. Honolulu …
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Vacation Goes On For Tourists in Napa After Quake Despite Serious Damage
The Carpe Diem wine bar was among the Napa buildings designated as “uninhabitable.” (Photos: Bill Fink). In downtown Napa, a dozen reporters lined up in front of the same damaged building, giving alarming reports to the cameras about the most severe …
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Prince Harry and New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Enjoy Romantic Vacation in St

Prince Harry and New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Enjoy Romantic Vacation in St
The cuties have been staying at a friend's luxury villa and have barely left the premises while on vacation, a source tells E! News. Instead of going out to clubs or restaurants, the lovebirds have been spending every minute together by the pool and …
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5 Scientific Reasons A Beach Vacation Is Necessary For Your Health
We're connected to water from the onset of life. Babies' bodies are 75 percent water. As we age, we become drier (only 60 percent), but our brains are still three-fourths water and even our bones are 31 percent water. The brain, which rests in a kind …
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